Feeding & Swallowing Clinic

Our Feeding and Swallowing Clinic professionals serve children aged birth to 18 years, who have feeding and/or swallowing issues.  Problems addressed include challenges with eating safely and/or significant restriction in tastes and textures, which have physical, developmental and/or sensory-based cause.  Selective eaters are eligible for the clinic if they would be classified under extreme picky eaters and/or problem feeders, in line with Dr. Kay Toomey's research - see chart:  http://www.sosapproach-conferences.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/PickyEaters-VS-Problem-Feeders.pdf for these definitions.  Please note that we do not address feeding concerns that are solely the result of behaviour issues and/or related to nutritional intake.  We suggest families contact their family doctor and/or dietician for information on these areas, respectively.

Referrals Welcome

Referrals are accepted from medical, social, and educational professionals. For information on how referrals can be made, please click here.





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