Orthopaedic Clinic

The orthopaedic clinic evaluates musculo-skeletal development and provides continuity of care between the family, child, orthopaedic surgeon, Centre clinicians, and local orthotists and prosthetists. Clinics provide the family and clinicians with the opportunity to discuss their child's past and future treatment options which range from surgery to the prescribing of custom shoes, braces, and other equipment. The orthopaedic clinic team may refer your child for further services or tests. If your child requires the customization of any equipment, the orthotist or prosthetist is present to follow up these needs.

Orthopaedic clinics are available to all Centre clients and are held monthly with Dr. S. Clarke, Orthopaedic Surgeon. Dr M. McCormick, Orthopaedic Surgeon also holds clinics on a quarterly basis. Clinics can include involved clinicians and orthotists from Thunder Bay Orthopaedics.

George Jeffrey Children's Centre • 200 Brock Street East Thunder Bay, ON • 807-623-4381