School Age Services

Our clinical school age professionals provide family-centred services for children aged 5 to 11 years, who have a physical or developmental disability. Our team works together and with our clients and family to assist with achievement of goals related to building skills for participation in life at home, school, and/or the community. Various modes of intervention are used including consultation, homework activities, group and/or individual treatment intervention.

Occupational Therapy: Helps with self care (eg. toileting, bathing, eating, dressing), leisure, and productivity (eg. success at school – printing, writing, hand-eye coordination, adaptive equtipment needs) and also helps with sensory concerns and socialization. Physiotherapy: Helps with muscle strength and gross motor development, and promotes optimal individual movement and body alignment.

Physiotherapy: Helps your child with muscle strength and gross motor development, including crawling, sitting, walking, and balancing.

Speech and Language Therapy: Helps children with speech and/or language difficulties achieve optimal communication.

Social Work: Services are available to families receiving one or more of our clinical services. Social workers assess psycho-social development and opportunities in the environment to enhance social skills. They provide support and resources and offer various groups for clients and families. Counselling for family relations, coping skills, behaviour and parenting skills is also available.

Feeding and Swallowing Clinic: Available to children aged birth to 21 years with feeding and/or swallowing issues due to physical and/or developmental concerns.

Seating and Mobility Services: Available to children aged birth to 19 years with specific seating and/or mobility needs eg. wheelchair, walker, adaptive bike, stander, scooter.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Assessment and prescription of communication devices is available to children and adults who have difficulty with the production or comprehension of verbal and/or written communication.

Referrals Welcome

Referrals are accepted from medical, social, and educational professionals. For information on how referrals can be made, please click here.





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